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Us /

Since 2005 in Laber Kimya, we have been carrying out research and development activities  and manufacturing conscious products according to the needs of the market, in line with ever so fast changing World, as well as Turkey.


We develop product formulations with an innovative approach and offer healthy, natural, organic and effective products to the cosmetics sector.


Philosophy /

We take the color of the company and our company target from the green of nature and we consider it to be our basic philosophy to make green, natural, organic, and innovative products, we have derived from the laboratory.


We aim to continue to make environment-friendly products by taking care of all our customers' needs.


Mission & Vision /

Our mission; producing quality products that offer value beyond customer expectations with respect to environmentally friendly production approach; to develop an understanding of organic, natural, healthy, reliable, and effective cosmetics.


Our vision; to be a leading company in the sector that recognizes the values of nature, recognizes that it is a part of it, creates consciousness by raising awareness of consumers, allows employees to develop continuously, internalizes the philosophy of innovation.


Values /

>> Each of our products is the output of an original work.

>> Creative and innovative ideas are important.

>> The product is developed with an awareness of plant species and cultural values which are the source of healing and beauty that grow in the fertile soil of Anatolia.

>> Importance is given to the Anatolian plants and the elements they have.

>> Scientific developments are followed to produce products that will make differentiation in the cosmetic sector.

>> Suitable and effective products are produced in the trends that meet the expectations of national and international markets.

>> The satisfaction of our consumers and any feedback from them is very valuable to us.

>> Our consumers are given the idea of having a different cosmetic experience.

>> Human health is emphasized, environment-friendly, and sustainable management policies are applied.




Policy /

>> Efficiently manage operational and procedural applications as part of the sustainability approach.

>> To create conditions that allow all members of our family to continuously develop.

>> Developing innovative products beyond customer expectations by following trends.

>> Prove the quality and effectiveness of our products with the certifications we have received.

>> Adopt customer orientation.

>> Adopt a leadership understanding that owns the goals and enables them to progress on that path.

>> To produce a common value with all stakeholders.




Policy /

>>  In addition to economic development on the first day of our establishment, we continue our activities in this area with a deep understanding of social responsibility by adopting the principle of working in the development of social life.

>>  We are continuing our social responsibility activities in the fields of environment and culture-arts following the current needs of our country and in a widespread and sustainable way.

>>  We continue to work to encourage companies operating in cosmetically similar sectors to develop corporate social responsibility projects and to inspire different institutions and organizations to create new projects that will support the environment, nature, art, and artists.


harvest of lavender


Policy /

>>  The first and leading brand in Turkey working on sustainability cosmetics, Laber Organic Cosmetics respects the rights of animals and staff who continued to operate with sensitivity in this direction.

>>  Management's planning, implementation, supervision, and reporting phase are designed in this direction.

>>  Our company's activities and practices are consistent with the sustainability goals set by the United Nations.

>>  The production processes and sales processes of our products and services are suitable for environmental regulation.


      Our work in this direction;


>>  Member of Laber Kimya Cosmetic Production and Research Association (KUAD).

>>  First National Cosmetic Short Film Competition Organization.

>>  Supporting agriculture in different regions of Turkey.

>>  Developing projects to increase women's employment in organic cosmetics sector.

>>  Seminar organizations in universities in order to gain employees in the sector.

>>  The analysis of cosmetic products and the introduction of world famous works such as cosmetic microbiology.

>>  Six congress organizations with cosmetics aimed at bringing the academy and industry together.


Brands /

We produce our products for cosmetic consumers with different consumption and shopping habits with different brands.

According to the habits of cosmetics consumers, we position our products according to the characteristics of the markets so that they can reach our products more easily.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of hygiene products has increased considerably. Due to the emerging need, we wanted to fulfill our responsibility as Laber Kimya and started the production of hygiene products under our Creamol brand.

Creamol hygiene products consist of 5 main categories. These are Liquid Hand Disinfectant, Gel Hand Disinfectant, Fog Disinfectant Machine / Fog Disinfectant, Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes and Single Use Products. Besides all these, disinfectant stands are also produced.

As Laber Chemistry, we continue to work for a healthier World.

The trusted name

in hygiene




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