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Fog Disinfectant


As Laber Kimya, we have developed the Fog Disinfection System with our dedicated team in Research and Development Department.


Whilst developing Creamol Fog System, we prioritized human health and aimed to reduce effort and time disinfecting the indoor areas.


It is much more effective and practical than traditional environment disinfection methods.

Creamol Fog Disinfection system is very practical environment disinfectant method.


There are two main elements of the application:

Creamol Fog Machine and Creamol Fog Disinfectant Liquid.

Fog Disinfectant


With Creamol Fog Disinfection system, a fogging application method, full hygiene and disinfection of air and both visible and invisible areas are effectively provided in all rooms, common areas, working and living areas in our lives.


With the application of Creamol Fog Disinfection system full disinfection is provided on all surfaces from the floor to the ceiling and air as well.


With this method, all surfaces including textiles (curtains, cushions, sofa surfaces, chairs etc.) that cannot be washed and wiped daily and areas that are hard to reach (walls, cupboard tops, table tops, etc.) can be disinfected thoroughly.

Where can the Fog Disinfection system be applied:

• Houses and buildings

• Hotels and accommodation businesses

• Restaurants, cafes

• Schools and other educational institutions

• Hospitals, clinics and other health institutions

• Supermarkets

• Food production facilities and food storage areas

• Pharmacies and warehouses

• Offices

• Vehicles, public transport, aeroplanes

Fog Disinfection advantages include:

• Destroys bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mould and fungi by 99.99%

• Convenient to use

• 10ml liquid disinfects an area of  to 100 m3

• Time saver as the application time is 30 seconds

• Thanks to its dispersion with fog, it penetrates the entire environment and disinfects hard-to-reach points such as under tables, back of furniture and inside cabinets.

• Not harmful to human health

• It is very economical compared to other disinfection methods.

• Does not leave stains, mark or residue

• Saves effort, time and energy

Fog Disinfectant


the fog covers everything

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